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It is often mistaken that any experienced contractor with good construction techniques can construct a good skate park. Although, many building principles are the same, skate structures require an area of expertise since they are “specialty projects.” A good quality skate park facility is not merely wooden or pre-fabricated ramps or curved concrete structures. The radius’, crests, grade and locations of each area and structure requires precise coordination and construction, produced by an experienced Skate Park Specialist, to create a park that the community will get the most enjoyment of. The design, function, type of materials and location of coping are just several examples of expertise only skilled individuals who skateboard can comprehend.

Concrete skate parks are in essence a sculpture project, the designer is also the builder that will ensure that all design details are up to skate park standards. At this level of expertise it is advantageous to allow the Skate Park Specialist to conduct both the design and actual construction of the skateable terrain to allow for progressive changes and ensure that all structural and design elements are precise. We work off the concept design and will most often perfect the design elements on site and under our own cost, if necessary, to achieve a top of the line skate park. The disregard of a successfully designed and constructed concrete skate park will result in skaters returning to the streets to perform and perfect their sport. It is essential for a municipality to understand that the design and construction of skate parks should not be separated.


BoarderTown Park Build Time Elapse from Boardertown Skate Shop on Vimeo.