Team Pain is a skate park specialist with over 30 years experience working nationally and internationally creating custom skate parks and skate structures for municipal and government agencies, communities, private sector and professional skateboarders and bmx riders.

The company is comprised of experienced skateboarders and this dedication to the sport coupled with the modern design principles and unrivaled craftsmanship held by each member, have dedicated the team to providing a unique and highly specialized product.

Team Pain specializes in three mediums of custom skate structures; concrete skate park facilities, indoor wood facilities and specialty structures for professional riders. Many years of experience and developed knowledge have given the company an abiliity to work with muncipalities around the world by providing design and construction services of concrete skate park facilities since 1997. This stems from over 30 years experience the company has with professional riders for extremely challenging “first-ever” structures that push the limits of skateboarding, numerous private training facilities for core industry companies, as well as, televised media events.

By taking into consideration all skaters, from top professional to novice, the approach is to create a unique and one of kind skate park facility that is not only innovative and challenging, but encourages the personal advancement of any individual who experiences a Team Pain Skate Park.

Team Pain’s modern design principles are the direct result of the skateboarding experience each team member has. We have continuously implemented and perfected our method, collectively as a team, to produce cutting edge concrete skate parks. One of the most critical issues brought to this industry is the importance of well designed and built skate parks. By nature, skate parks are in itself an art form. A good quality skate park facility isn’t simply pre-fabricated ramps or curved concrete structures. The radius’, heights, slopes and locations of each element requires precise coordination produced by an experienced team of skateboarders, to create a park that the users will get the most enjoyment of. As the Skate Park Specialist, we utilize our experienced personnel in the design concepts of the skateable features to the actual construction of these features, allowing the company to deliver high quality; custom skate parks, on-line quickly and within budget.

“I haven’t seen many firms that so completely combine their vocation and passion together.”

John Oswald, Construction Project Manager. City of Colorado Springs.

Team Pain’s philosophy has always been to work with the client to maximize their overall budget to allow for an accommodating facility. We feel that our success in this industry is derived by our free spirited; skateboarding roots, the rare camaraderie between skateboarders across the world and our professional manner in which we accomplish every project.