Kona’s 40th Anniversary Festival

Following international Go Skate Day  yesterday the 10th Annual Bowl Riders Cup presented by Vans, Kona Skatepark and World Cup Skateboarding on our kidney bowl starts today! If you didn’t…

Rapid Fire: The Cage 2.0

The crew finished just in time for Summer Camp to start at Camp Woodward! Go check out the first video of our newest addition to camp “The Cage 2.0”, Filmed and Edited…

St. Pete Skate Park Update!

The St. Pete Skate Park Design Open House on June 13th was a success! Big thanks to everyone who came out to support such as great cause, we really appreciate…

Design Workshop: Savannah Skate Park

Here is the final design for the Savannah Skate Park, we wanted to make it simple and fun but also have some more challenging obstacles like the handrail and hubba…


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  • Quick session with @alecmajerus and @shalomlarson at our Arvada Skate Park! Thanks for stopping by guys 💪🏻 🎥- @alecmajerus #teampainskateparks
  • Happy Go Skateboarding Day from Team Pain Skate Parks! We are currently in Highlands Ranch, CO doing some renovations at the Redstone Skate Park and should be done in no time. Stay tuned! 📷- @sabbathworship #teampainskateparks #skatecolorado
  • 3 piece at our Jax Beach Skate Park with @frigg_newtons & @whatthehal 💪🏻👊🏼🎥-@frigg_newtons #teampainskateparks
  • Fun session at our Brandon Skate Park with @sambellipanni @tbmersh @blackjosh @thegreat_cornjulio @marsefarmer_ 🎥- @sambellipanni #teampainskateparks
  • Go check out "Rapid Fire: The Cage 2.0" on @woodwardcamp's youtube channel with @cj.titus @skate_punk @burnwin @brandonbuchko and @jake_yanko Designed and built by us at Team Pain! 🎥- @mike_bennett #teampainskateparks #campwoodward
  • Taking the vert ramp down and moving it to Rodney's for the Florida Vert series
  • @creaturefiends @chrisrussell_mbk warming up at our Jax Beach Skate Park the other day! 💪🏻 🎥- @jaxbeachskatepark #teampainskateparks
  • The crew is pouring crete in Savannah today! Swipe to see the progress we've made during the first few days of construction🙌🏼📷- @shredneck941 & Curt Baker #teampainskateparks