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  • The Big O Replica in Golden, CO is coming together as planned! Keep checking back often to see the final progress on this gem! #teampainskateparks
  • Event Tracker: Thanks to everyone who came out last Friday for the Grand Opening of our new and improved Orange Park Skate Park in FL! It was a success!!! #teampainskateparks
  • Flow Bowl going up in Jax Beach!!! #teampainskateparks
  • Consecutive Front Feebles at our Wheat Ridge, CO Skate Park with @fattmisher @dengtear06 @gspotts_  @shyliosweat 🎥 - @sk8np0ng1 #teampainskateparks
  • Apex Skate Park with @matressfurm @ikeithreaves @traphouse_mark @babyishod_49 🎥 - @matressfurm #teampainskateparks
  • The crew just poured the China bank in Jax Beach! Stay tuned to see the rest of this skate park take shape!!! #teampainskateparks
  • Warm ups with @kdaybaby at our Bro Bowl 2.0 Skate Park in Tampa, FL!! 🎥 - @lo.beau #teampainskateparks
  • Quick clips with @alejandroburnell & @chuckylane_ at The Skate Park of Tampa!!! Remember it's free skating until the course is done 9/28!! 🎥 - @frankbranca #teampainskateparks